As the blog might suggest, I’m Coren, I’m a runner and this is my blog. Primarily running type stuff but occasionally something else might slip in here by mistake because why not.

My running ‘career’ started in May 2013. I’d spent the weekend at a festival and was lying on my sofa feeling like sh*t, watching the ‘Home and Away’ omnibus. I saw the characters running along the beach looking all fit and healthy and realised there was no greater contrast to my life at that moment. The next day I stopped wallowing in self pity and went for a run. Granted, the beach was substituted for the pavements of Streatham, but it clearly didn’t put me off.

Here I am now, self-confessed running addict.

Running for me isn’t just a way to stay fit and avoid that hole I found myself in in May 2013. It’s a lifestyle. Living in London I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by like-minded people who inspire and challenge me to go beyond my perceived limits. Fortunately, those people are also some of the best friends who I can also share a beer or two with.