My Week In Training: 31 July – 6 August

My first week training for my crazy 3 marathons this Autumn – from here on out shall be known as #3in6.

Monday – adidas Runners Fartlek

Fartlek in its loosest possible sense. Having spent the weekend throwing up, my body was weak. I didn’t want to sprint. Instead I stuck with the back group, chatting to friends and enjoying being on my feet again.

At home I did hip rehab. Something which I need to do daily.

Tuesday – yoga and run commute 

Started the day with a vinyasa flow yoga class on the roof of Madison in St Paul’s. Perfect morning, if a little chilly. Felt wide awake and energised by the time I got to work!

Tuesday yoga views

This evening was a run commute which I came very close to bailing. Felt like I was going to throw up 30 minutes before I left the office. But I told myself “put on your gym clothes and see how you feel when you get outside”.

Ended up not too shabby. Covered 8.3km in 41.04, average pace 4.55/km.

Also had a follow up with my consultant today. Hip is recovering well and no need for the injection!

Wednesday – Pilates and rehab

Relative rest day to help my body recover from the tail end of the weekends sickness bug. It was pissing it down with rain all day anyway! Best staying indoors.

Started the morning with 20 minutes of Pilates before work. Finished the day with hip and hamstring rehab – involving crab walks and clams (with resistance), Nordic hamstring curls and a few other exercises I don’t know the technical name for! All physio prescribed.

Thursday – beigel run

Easy 16km (7km from home + 9km with Advent Running). By far my favourite run of the week, enjoying the early morning miles and catch up with a great group of (mainly) lasses. Apparently men can’t get up in the morning!?

Beigel run gang

Cycled home from work, only 4.5km because it took that long to find a tank!

Friday – adidas Runners hills

Warm up jog (getting lost) to Percy Circus for some short, sharp hill reps. I lost count how many reps I did but I have to say I felt super strong!

Also covered 17.4km on the bike getting places.

Saturday – rest

Just some hamstring and hip exercises, and a bit of core too.

Sunday – AR long run

Great to have these weekly runs back in the schedule! I covered 8km solo as I needed the extra miles, before meeting the gang for an ‘out and back’ along the canal.

Extremely happy with this one, getting a lot of punch miles in. Covered 26.8km in 2.13 hours, averaging 4.59/km. Now to find how to tag on the other 15km…

After the run we cheered the IAAF men’s and women’s marathons. Some super inspiring running!


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