Capture Trails – Stance x Runners Need

On Saturday I was lucky enough to join Stance and Runners Need at an awesome event in the Devils Punch Bowl, Hindhead, Surrey.

Focused around how to capture good photos while running on the trails, the event started with a workshop led by top sports photographer, James Carnegie, who talked us through the fundamentals of good photography. The angles, the space…there’s so much more to it than pausing, taking an eye level shot or dodgy selfie, then running on your merry way.
We were split into small groups and set off to explore the trails and apply James’ advice to capture shots which summed up what trail running meant for us.

An 8km run took us an hour and a half, but that wasn’t the point. The more you stopped, the more you could absorb the surroundings and take breathtaking photos.

Returning to the pub, James led a second workshop about editing photos. There’s more to it than a simple crop and #allofthefilters. One simple edit can completely alter the mood of the photo. Over lunch we (rather anti socially) edited the photos. I don’t think there’ll ever be a time when looking at your phone while eating in the company of others is more acceptable. We each submitted our top three, mine are below.

Today for me meant more than simply capturing the trails. It gave me the opportunity to rediscover my love for running. It’s the first time this year I’ve been able to run on a trail – training for a flat marathon means I’ve focused more on pavement pounding. This year I’ve had to be so strict with my running. Careful not to push my injury. And at times I’ve lost my love for the thing I quite honestly love the most.

So thank you to Stance and Runners Need for allowing me to step back from the training, have fun with friends, and most of all, teaching me how to take a decent photo!

To finish here’s a shot of me demonstrating my “best running”, taken by James Carnegie. Ok, so my facial expression isn’t great, but at least for once I’m not reinacting the Sound of Music.


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