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When I finished the Berlin marathon I was warned about “mouse finger”. The desire to get click happy and sign up to every race you come across.

I knew I wanted to run another marathon. To experience the adrenaline and energy one can only feel from a marathon. Before I did Berlin I thought the next one would be Paris. I’d heard it was hilly, but scenic. Finishing Berlin in 03.49.10 put a spanner in the works. It meant I only needed to shave 4 minutes off my time to get Good For Age and a Boston Qualifier. My next marathon needed to be a flat, fast course. Not Paris.


My feelings towards Manchester are pretty mixed. It’ll be cold. It’ll probably rain. But my sister lives up there so I’d more than likely have support on the sidelines. I know it would mean a lot to my family to see me run a marathon and be part of that journey. Even more so if I achieve my goal.

I’m not entirely sure why but after I’d made up my mind about Manchester I still held back. I knew I wanted to run another marathon but this time was different. Hitting that button felt like a huge commitment. The Berlin marathon was given to me. I didn’t have to press a button.

What really helped me push that button was the knowledge that once again, I’d be sharing the Manchester marathon journey with a group of friends from Advent Running. One of the best things about Berlin was sharing the journey with friends. I can’t wait to do that all again in Manchester. The countdown is officially on.


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