Seven & Eight

Have been a bit crap with the blogging lately. Ironic since weeks 7 and 8 in my training were my lightest, so I couldn’t possibly have been doing anything better! I mainly filled my non-running hours slobbed on the sofa watching Grey’s Anatomy. Note to self: find another hobby.

Week 7:


Joined adidas Runners for a fartlek session along the canal. I wasn’t really feeling it, but dragged my sorry self through the session.


Rest day. Aside from walking to/from the tube and a short lunchtime walk, I did nothing. It was a challenge but I thought my body would thank me for it.


Strength, core and cross-training in the gym.


Beigel run! Felt for the past few days like I’d lost my running mojo. Thankfully my wonderful beigel buddies helped me find it.


Last long run before Berlin. Up and out in a thunderstorm, running 10km to meet team adidas. It was quite refreshing to run in the rain after being in the heat for so long. Throw in a few spontaneous hill sprints, and I’d covered around 16km. By the end of it I looked like I’d entered a wet t-shirt contest. Never have I been more thankful for a hot shower!


Tapering down in Cornwall with the family. No running (it was hard) but lots of hilly dog walks.


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