First week of taper. As expected, I found it tough to cut back. Why cut back on something I love? Some people say a 3 week taper is too long, and I’d agree, but having increased my mileage so much over the past few weeks, I wanted to give my body enough time to recover, and avoid risking injury.


Cross train, core and stretching in the gym, before joining adidas runners in the evening. Week 4 of the cycle meant a less intense workout – 3km jog followed by yoga. I’ve never done yoga before but this class was specifically designed for runners/beginners. It felt great to stretch out and zone out.


Rest day. Complete rest.


Up with the birds and out for an 11km run, including a sprint up Alexandra Palace hill. Despite my rest day yesterday this was a really sluggish run and took a while. I’ve learnt that sometimes there are days when you just aren’t feeling it. Today was one of those days. Once home I did some stretching and core.


Fun beigel run in the sun.


Joined adidas runners Friday crew for cruise intervals along the canal. No bites this week. My legs felt super speedy and the 6km flew by!


Told myself I’d rest but itchy feet got the better of me. Hit the gym for some weights, core, and cross training. Then slobbed on the sofa and watched the rain. Good balance.


Long run with Advent Running. The 24km route took us around Victoria Park, Olympic Park and up to Hackney Marshes. A few marathon pace KMs thrown in. Not sure what my legs were thinking today but averaged a 5.29 min/km, about 20 seconds faster than what I’ve averaged on previous long runs. Hamstrings feeling it a bit, but remembered to stretch so hopefully won’t turn into anything serious. Two weeks until Berlin, killing myself is not what I need.


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