Breakfast on point

Simply had to share what I just made. Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal. When I was a teenager I despised breakfast and would just grab a cereal bar on the go. Now, I jump at the chance to eat a fancy breakfast (or brunch- even better!)

I’ve been craving pancakes for a while and finally had time to make some this morning. But with a twist. These bad boys have just two ingredients: egg and banana.

Despite my love for breakfast I tend to avoid egg at all costs because they make me sick. It’s the taste, smell and texture. But I know eggs are a great source of protein so I’ve been wanting to find a healthy way to incorporate them into my diet.

These pancakes are so easy to make. Simply mash up a big banana, whisk in two eggs, and fry. You can top with whatever you choose. This morning I went for berries. I’ll definitely be cooking these again very soon!


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