This week marks my highest mileage week ever and my last big week before the pre-Berlin cutback begins. I seemed to have a constant struggle between what my legs and head wanted me to do. My head wanted me to run everywhere, purely out of love for running, by my legs were feeling tired after a  big start to the week. If I learnt one lesson this week it’s that I need to cut out the unnecessary runs and focus on those that will actually have an impact in three weeks time.


After a weekend off running I was full of beans and ran 12.5km this morning. Longer than anticipated, but I achieved what I set out to do which was run up Alexandra Palace hill. The hill itself took 2:52 – something which I hope to improve on post-marathon. If you’ve never been to Ally Pally I recommend it; the journey up the hill offers a fantastic view of London.

After resting the legs I did a steady 10km down to London Bridge to join adidas runners on their hill session. Technical drills had up hopping up stairs looking like idiots, and then we did some sprints up a ramp. That took my daily total to around 27km. Big start to the week.


Head and legs had a bit of an argument – head wanted to run to the Advent Running track session, legs didn’t. I tried, made it 1.9km before hopping on the tube. Part of me felt guilty for giving up – “you can’t give up in Berlin” – but in the back of my mind I know trying too much too soon and risking injury is much worse.

The track session was 400m (1min rest) 200m (1.30 rest) x5 sets. With heavy legs after yesterday’s session I took it easy in group 3, but enjoyed myself all the same.


“Rest day” – although I’m not really sure what that even means to me! I hit the gym for some weights, core, stretching and cross-training.


Steady run followed by a sociable beigel run. 15km in total. My plan was then to do a 10km run commute home after work, but my head told me to hold back. Instead I hit the gym for core, stretching and cross-training.


What a morning. Today was the adidas runners rest session. After a steady 3.9km along the canal (picking up a horse fly bite along the way!) we were on a rooftop doing Pilates. I’ve never done yoga or pilates or anything to that effect before and consider myself one of the most inflexible people around. Don’t get me wrong, I know how yoga/pilates can help runners, but have never tried for fear of looking stupid. It was a great session and gave me the stretch I needed.


What I love about running in London is that if you don’t want to run alone, you probably don’t have to. Today I was joined by 3 others for my last long run before the Berlin marathon cutback begins – socialising definitely makes the miles easier. What a great run it was! My legs were knackered but the sun was shining, the route was fantastic, along the canal, through Victoria park, back along the river, and the miles just flew by. Reaching 35.5km meant it was my longest run ever. I had such a good runners high.


Today was meant to be a rest day after the long run yesterday and my housewarming party last night, but Strava was sitting on 92.1km for the week and quite frankly, that annoyed me. I quite reluctantly laced up and did a gentle shake out for 8km to bring my weekly mileage to 100. A perfect end to the week.


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