Half way there. Four training weeks down, four more to go. I felt really strong this week, clocking up almost 64km . Here’s what it looked like.


Started the week well with a 10km run commute in the morning followed by core and quick bit of cross-training. Then to the adidas runners for their weekly Monday session. This week had us doing an 8km run including some intervals. Polished off nicely with a post-run cider.


An exciting day! In the morning I headed to the gym for some weights, core and cross training. In the evening I joined adidas runners once more, this time to test the new pureBOOST x trainers – more on that here. The run itself was an easy 6.5km along the canal, finishing up in the adidas store.


Gym today. Weights, core and cross train. Pretty uninspiring!


Crazy day. Woke up at 5am and ran down to beigel run. Taking the scenic route meant I’d clocked up about 15km before I’d even got to the beigel shop, where I met my beigel buddies. A social 10km with them, followed by another 7km home brought me up to 31.7km for the day. All before 9am. It was tough not having time to fuel sufficiently before the run, but breaking it up into segments an incorporating a social run definitely helped.


Hill reps. Everyone’s favourite. Joined adidas runners for their Friday session tackling Primrose Hill. Overall I ran just over 7km. Hills are tough at the best of times but throw in the head and heavy post-long run legs and they become about 10 times more challenging. Still, it’s all part of becoming a better, stronger runner.


Weights, core and cross training in the gym. Another light session


Rest. I can’t remember the last time I did no exercise during the day. I didn’t enjoy it; writing this now I feel sluggish , but looking forward to getting back into the running tomorrow, hoping to build on the high mileage of this week.

How am I feeling mid-way through my training? Unstoppable. I feel guilty not running this weekend, but I think a short break was needed. Next week will probably be my last week of intense training before I try and cut back ahead of the marathon. I think that will be the real challenge.


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