Finally caught up with myself! Week 3 overall I felt like I had more energy, until Sunday when I felt completely drained – that might have been partly due to a heavy Saturday night!


Shattered after the Bridges Ultra but managed to squeeze in some core work and 10 minutes of cross training before the adidas runners session – this week was 6.5 km, with a few intervals thrown in. Leg felt heavy after the Sunday long run and I doubted whether I’d be able to complete the session, but as soon as I started the sprint segments my leg sorted itself out a bit.


Lighter day with core, strength and cross training.


11km tempo run. It was pretty warm out there, but glad I did it.


Beigel run. Only made 7km this week, due to too much early morning faffing.


Didn’t make it to the adidas runners session this morning which felt a bit weird, but I did a 10km run commute followed by some stretching and core training in the gym.


My first solo long training run. I had been dreading it all week, having to pound the pavements for 3+ hours on my own. I woke up early, fuelled, loaded my iPod with new music and set off. Had a few setbacks on route – a downpour causing me to seek refuge in a cafe, and a squiffy stomach, and came close to giving up a few times. But I talked myself into powering through and covered 31.1km in 3 hours – pretty chuffed!


Very brief core and weights session followed by some cross training. Then sleep. Lots of sleep.


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