My first full training week was quite intense, so this week I wanted to take it a bit easier.


Gym session involving core, weights and cross-training in the morning. And in the evening was the usual adidas runners session, another easy one – 4.5km jog followed by some stretching.


Had heavy legs but with new trainers to play with I wanted to get out there and run! I joined the Advent Running track session – my second ever track session. Despite the heavy legs as soon as I started running I felt fantastic. This week was a pyramid session – 200m, 400m, 800m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 200m.


Light session of core, weights and cross-training in the gym.


10km beigel run. Enough said!


Early morning intervals with adidas runnersΒ followed by some core in the afternoon.


Kept it light, core and cross training.


Did my longest ever run (again – in your face last week me!) Advent Running did their annual bridges ultra, running over every bridge in London (23 in total). The full route took us from Woolwich to Richmond, covering a whopping 54km. My goal was to run 22km, which I am pleased to say I succeeded – starting in Woolwich and running all the way to Richmond. Towards the end it was tough, my legs were in absolute agony, but I kept pushing to reach my goal. I then scooted to the pub in Richmond to cheer the guys home.


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