Told myself I’d write a weekly blog throughout my training for the Berlin Marathon. Already 3 weeks behind – not very good at this blogging thing. Thankfully, I have been keeping a note on my phone, so here’s what happened in week one.


Up and at ’em after the weekend (which involved a 23km run and some strength training.) Hit the gym for some strength, core and cross training before work. After work was the usual Monday evening with adidas runners – covered 8km in total including some hill sprints. In the rain. The things we do for our sport!


Still had something left in my legs after the hills on Monday so did a 10km run commute. Some time to kill before I became chained to my desk so finished off with some core work and stretching (very pleased – I’m not the best at remembering to stretch!)


“Rest day” which for me doesn’t usually involve rest; I get fidgety so need to do some form of exercise every day. Today’s “rest” involved strength and core, followed by some cross training in the gym.


Weekly 10km beigel run with Advent Running, one of my favourite weekly runs.


The usual session with adidas runners before work. Easy week this week, involving a 3km run and some strength and conditioning exercises.


Easy 7km playing tour guide for one of the Advent Running girls, taking on a challenge to run in every London borough this weekend. Kudos! Finished off with some stretching and core in the gym…and an ice cream doughnut.


Did my longest ever run – 30km with the crew from Advent Running. It was hot, my knee was giving me grief for about the last 3km, but really felt a sense of accomplishment. Polished off with a few cold ciders in the pub.


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