Impossible Is Nothing

Anyone who made it through my first blog post without falling asleep (I commend you) will know my plan for this year was to run 3 half marathons and a few shorter races in between. In 2017 I’d run a full marathon.

But life doesn’t always go according to plan. It throws curve balls which make you rethink your goals. For me, this came in the form of an offer from adidas runners to join them in the Berlin Marathon.

When the offer came (3 weeks ago – a bit slack with the blogging!) I jumped at the chance without thinking about the task that lay ahead. With the marathon at the end of September, I had just 8 weeks to train. To many this wouldn’t be enough time – and it’s not, especially not for someone who has never run a marathon before. But the more I think about it, the more excited I become. Over the past few weeks I’ve learnt that you need to challenge yourself if you want to achieve. And what better challenge than to essentially cut the usual marathon training time by 50%.

Things are on my side though. Having run two half marathons this year I already have a solid mileage base, and during my first training run I ran 14 miles. I also have a fantastic community of runners around me to help motivate me, should I feel flat at any time.

So what’s my goal for the Berlin marathon? I don’t have one. I could put a time on it, but I don’t want to. This will be my first marathon and this time I want to run it for me. I’ll be running in a new city, seeing some sights I’ve never seen before. Time challenges can wait. For now, as long as I cross the line, I’ll have achieved something phenomenal.

In the words of adidas itself: Impossible is nothing


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