I Got The Runs

If you know me you probably know I like to run. A lot. For me, running is a way to escape from my problems, to be free. I run alone and I run with friends. I’m chasing adrenaline. It started 3 years ago, after a heavy weekend at Parklife festival. I was watching Home & Away with my housemate, feeling hungover, thinking how fun it looked to run alone the beach. Sadly, there are no beaches in London so I keep to the pavement (not always as inspiring).

After two years of running <10km distances uncompetitively I took the leap and signed up for the North London Half Marathon. It finished in Wembley, what an atmosphere! A few weeks later, when life hit rock bottom, I joined a running community (Advent Running). The energy and enthusiasm I found within that group pushed me to my limits, and I’m pleased to say I finished my first half marathon in 1 hour 45 minutes, and raised £205 for Dogs Trust.

The adrenaline from my first race lasted about a week and left me hungry for more. Cue the Hackney Half Marathon! I knew the atmosphere at Hackney would be fantastic, with many of my running friends taking part, I knew I’d suffer from FOMO if I didn’t race.

So one hot day in May, I took to the streets of Hackney and pounded the pavement for 1 hour 53 minutes. Turning the corner and seeing that I would complete a race in 26 degree heat in under 2 hours made me cry. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Hackney Half Marathon

What’s next? The initial plan was Royal Parks Half Marathon, to bring me to 3 half marathons this year. As well as the City of London mile (6 mins 33 seconds) and JP Morgan run (25 mins 9 seconds) thrown in for ‘fun’. But then came a curve ball…more about that on my next blog.


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